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Addiction is a habit doesn't matter whether it's addiction to alcohol, drugs, or any game, all can lead to mental health problems at some point in time. However, if it's not treated on time can lead to many other health conditions.

In most cases, the individual also suffers from depression, anxiety and stress. Many people suffering from substance abuse also end up with many unwanted side effects like damage to the liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Treatment for this is very expensive and requires multiple sessions over a sustained period of time. This option is not available to everyone due to various reasons. But that is not the case with New Borm Foundation, the best nasha mukti kendra in Haldwani.

At New Born de addiction centre in Haldwani, we have been providing effective recovery solutions for more than a decade. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Haldwani can handle all kinds of addiction. Bringing your loved one back to health will help them avoid the terrible effects of substance abuse– from broken relationships and finances to impaired cognitive ability. With our rehabilitation programme, we make sure that your loved one overcomes drug and alcohol addiction once and for all without slipping back into old habits.

Why Choose New Born Foundation?

Choose us for a compassionate and effective path to a life free from addiction!

Here at New Born Foundation de-addiction centre, we offer easy treatment solutions for your loved one. Our integrated approach towards nasha mukti at New Born Foundation incorporates a series of complementary therapies. We conduct yoga, meditation and art therapies to help individuals with easy recovery. And, the best part about our rehab centre is that we also provide full residential services for our patients. It's one of many qualities that makes us the best nasha mukti kendra in Haldwani.

Our experts first assess your loved one or patient on the basis of their current mental health condition before planning out a treatment plan. It’s like an introductory session that will help us understand how best they can deal with the situation and ultimately bring about positive changes in their life.

  • Proven Track Record: Over a decade of successful recovery solutions.
  • Comprehensive Care: Addressing all forms of addiction with tailored programs.
  • Holistic Approach: Healing beyond addiction that focuses on relationships & cognitive well-being.
  • Professional Guidance: Expert-led rehabilitation ensuring lasting results.
  • Relapse Prevention: Equipping individuals to steer clear of past habits effectively.
  • Personalized Support: Tailored programs for individual needs.
  • Community & Family Involvement: Encouraging a supportive environment for lasting recovery.
  • Continued Support: Post-rehabilitation assistance for a smooth transition.

Our Wide-Ranging Rehabilitation Programs

We Treat a Spectrum of Addictions at Our Centers

Addiction can cause a great deal of worry for the addicts as well as their families. It often leads to depression, stress and anxiety. People can become very isolated and find it hard to cope with life. Get help from specialists in the New Born Rehabilitation Centre in Haldwani, who will help you get through any problems that you or your loved one might be experiencing right now. Our treatment programmes are based on scientific evidence and have proven to work over time. It includes a large number of regular clients and their testimonials as well as articles written by our guests and ex-addicts.

At present, New Born Foundation has its presence across India through project partners spread across major cities in North India. We have de-addiction centres in Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad, Rohini, Baprola, and Uttarakhand. All of these rehabilitation centres treat all sorts of addictions, which include,

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Detox Treatment
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Mental Health
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s time to Get Free from All Types of Addiction Together, Call Us Today

Coming to our New Born Nasha Mukti Kendra in Haldwani will not leave you with any regrets since our professionals help you get back to your stable life with the highest care and compassion. We work together at New Born and our valued support staff is very supportive. They engage with each patient and are always there to support them.

Besides, our doctors also collaborate with each patient to better understand their daily life and struggles at the addiction centre in Haldwani, and also ask for their feedback during the treatment. It's why we are trusted among the best rehab centres in India. For our best and tailored techniques, long-term treatment, and excellent success rate, we are the most reliable rehab centre Haldwani. So visit us today to choose a happy life ahead!