Nasha Mukti Kendra In Rohtak


New Born Foundation Rehabilitation & De-Addiction Treatment Services

Alcohol De-Addiction

If you are looking for alcohol de-addiction then you are at the best place because we are experienced in treating alcohol here and we know very well how things work for an alcoholic person and that’s why we have arranged the best treatments to treat alcohol addiction here.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centre

Getting indulged into drugs is not at all a good situation and we understand your pain with that very well. That’s why we have designed our treatments in such a way that are less painful and which makes things much easier for you and that makes us the best drug addiction treatment center.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Centre

If you are addicted to heroine and looking for the best heroin addiction treatment center then you are absolutely at the right place as are known as the best Nasha Mukti Kendra to treat heroin addiction as we have many successful experiences in implementing that very well.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centre

Cocaine is known as very deadly drugs and if you are indulged in it and looking for a cocaine addiction treatment center then you don’t need to worry about anything now as there is a special treatment method that needs to be followed while treating this addiction and we have that here for you.

Detoxification Treatment Centre

A detoxification treatment center is a perfect place to get all the required treatments and detox to move on the path which leads towards making you de-addicted. These treatment centers have all the facilities which are required to treat their patients well and we are proud that we are the best in it.

Tobacco De-Addiction Centre

All types of tobacco are harmful whether it is gutkha or something else. They all have that addiction quality in them because of which many people get addicted to them. To treat all these addictions complete specialization is required which we have here and that’s what makes us the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi