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Excessive intake of alcohol or drugs is a habit that has badly affected many individuals who come to New Born Foundation. In fact, these habits have also disturbed their families. Besides, some people have also gone through severe health issues. We, at New Born Foundation De Addiction Centre in Sitarganj, have seen such type of cases on a daily basis. Most of the cases arise due to past trauma, dementia and abnormal brain development. Due to this, overcoming addiction alone can be difficult to handle. It takes more than just sheer willpower, and it's where the New Born Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sitarganj enters the picture. We are here to connect you with the needed help that you’ll get from the specialists.

Our foundation has among the most experienced staff to offer you the treatment which ensures 100% optimum results. At New Born Foundation Rehabilitation centre in Sitarganj, we work closely with private groups who believe in following holistic ways to treat addicts. Besides, we also take care of their eating habits as it's a crucial step in deciding what's better for them. We also focus on their daily activities and observe changes they are going through with sessions with wellness experts.

Our Programs

We cure all types of patients at our center, whether addicted to any drug or alcohol. But, being the top Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sitarganj, total healing is difficult without addressing the underlying problem. Thus, the first step in our rehabilitation is to figure out the crux of the trauma.

As a result, we provide tailored recovery programmes customized to each individual's specific needs. In addition, our treatments give patients a motivating force that helps them build their willpower and stay on track. A few of our programmes are as follows.

  • Alcohol Se Nasha Mukti
  • Drug Se Nasha Mukti
  • Depression Se Nasha Mukti
  • Anxiety Se Nasha Mukti

Detoxification- It's the 1st step at our nasha mukti kendra in Sitarganj

Before starting any rehab treatment, each patient at New Born Foundation first goes through the process of detoxification. This step will help the addict and our rehab staff understand the real condition and suggest the right treatment as per the condition. It's one of many qualities that makes New Born Foundation the best nasha mukti kendra in Sitarganj.

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New Born Foundation provides outpatient treatment of substance use disorders to different age groups. Our treatments at our foundation include individual therapies, group sessions, and psychosocial and aftercare therapy.

You aren't required to go through the recovery process alone. At New Born Foundation, we've helped hundreds of addicts like you or your friend who want to get free from addiction habits. We, at New Born Foundation are there to help you in learning how you can keep yourself away from addiction and its symptoms. So, don't wait and call the most trusted nasha mukti kendra in Sitarganj if you want help for yourself or a loved one.

When you or someone you know is facing the pain of addiction, call New Born Foundation instantly for help. We are an experienced rehab centre in Sitarganj with physicians and counsellors who have helped hundreds of patients lead drug-free lives.